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AI Multimedia Tools
AI Multimedia Tools
Image generating and editing tools 
DeepDreamGenerator (Limited Free Use): - Generates images based on descriptions. 
DALL·E: - developed by OpenAI, specifically designed to generate images from textual descriptions. This AI model is capable of creating images of objects that don't exist in the real world, making it a powerful tool for creativity and design.
Starryai : - Generate art simply by describing what you want to see
and our Artificial Intelligence transforms your words into art.
Craiyon: - Create AI Art with a free AI image generator.
GANPaint Studio (Limited Free Use): - This tool from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab lets you edit images with AI, such as adding/removing objects.
Google's AutoDraw: - This tool guesses what you're trying to draw and provides you with auto-completions.
NightCafe Creator: - An AI art generator that lets you create unique pieces from scratch or use your images.
PaintsChainer: - An online tool that colors your sketches using AI.
Lunacy by Icons8: - A free design software with built-in assets, and it uses AI to guess what you'll design next.
Prisma: - This mobile app uses AI to turn your photos into artwork. It's free to download with in-app purchases for premium features.
AI Video creating and editing tools
Lumen5: - Lumen5 uses AI to convert text into video content. The platform is popular for turning blog posts and articles into engaging videos.
Synthetic: - Synthetic uses AI to generate videos, including human-like avatars. It's often used for creating explainer videos, customer support videos, and more.
Magisto: - Owned by Vimeo, Magisto uses AI to help businesses create professional-looking social videos. It takes care of video editing and production.
RawShorts: - RawShorts uses AI to assist in creating explainer, promotional, and tutorial videos. You input a script, and the AI helps select appropriate graphics.
Animaker: - While not fully AI-driven, Animaker provides an AI-powered video making and editing platform with a vast library of animated characters, properties, BGs, maps, and charts.
InVideo: - InVideo's online video editor uses AI to streamline the video creation process, making it quicker and easier to create professional-looking videos.
Pictory: - Pictory uses AI to automatically extract key highlights from long videos to create short clips suitable for social media.
Runway ML: - Runway ML offers a suite of simple and powerful tools for creators and makers wanting to use machine learning in their video creation and editing process.
AI music tools
OpenAI MuseNet: - MuseNet is an AI developed by OpenAI that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments and can combine styles from country to Mozart. 
AIVA: - AIVA is an AI composer that creates musical pieces used as soundtracks for film directors, advertising agencies, and even game studios.
Amper Music: - Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that allows you to create and customize original music without needing any prior music experience. 
Mubert: - Mubert is a platform that generates unique AI-driven personalized music in real-time.
Ecerettmusic: - Royalty free music for creators.
LANDR: - It uses AI for music mastering and publishing. It also provides tools for collaboration.
Melodrive: - An AI music engine that can create adaptive music in real-time.

AI generated pictures, used

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